Midwife recalls man asking ‘when stretch marks will go’ as wife was giving birth

When it comes to giving birth, it’s a pretty stressful experience for the parents, but mostly for the mum-to-be, who is literally trying to push an entire human out of her body.

So it’s fair to say she’s going to need a lot of support from her significant other to get her through the labour.

But it seems some men might have missed this memo, if a viral video by two midwives is anything to go by.

A midwife on TikTok, known only as @midwife_tylah and an unnamed colleague took to the social media platform to share some of the worst things they’ve seen and heard dads do while their baby was being born.

The clip was captioned: “Midwives spill about bad dad behaviour in labour and birth!”

The video starts with Tylah recalling a time a dad missed the birth completely as he was too busy getting his parking ticket validated.

Her friend then shared a time a dad-to-be spent the entirety of the labour scrolling through his phone instead of being there for his partner.

Next, they told of how one man had brazenly asked “when the stretch marks will go away” while his significant other was still on the theatre table.

And unfortunately, there’s more…

Tylah also shared how another dad missed the birth of his child because he was too busy at the pub with his friends, while another is said to have asked if “it will go back to normal” whilst the midwife was suturing.

The women’s final tale involved a parent who tried to put a hat on the baby whilst it was crowning.

The pair can’t help but laugh at how bad the stories are.

The TikTok video has since been watched more than a million times and garnered over 150,000 likes.

People took to the comments to share their sympathy for the women who had to deal with this – while others had their own stories.

One said: “These are just really sad. Those poor mothers.”

Another wrote: “When he says after a 27-hour long labour/delivery that he’s tired.”

“I’d break up with him during my labour if he did that to me,” admitted a third.

Someone else replied: “My ex had that audacity to say how boring things were for him while I was in labour.”

A different user added: “My partner complained that I was crying too loud while in labour because he was trying to sleep.”