Penei Sewell would rather go as early as possible than go to a specific team

Some players hope to be drafted by a certain team. Others simply want to hear their names called as early as possible. Former Oregon tackle Penei Sewell is among the latter.

Sewell, who visited Tuesday’s PFT PM, explained that he wants to be drafted sooner than later, if only to end the stress.

The earliest he could be drafted is at No. 4, by the Falcons. (That would be a surprise, but that’s where he’s projected in the PFT mock draft.) At one point, there was a belief that he’d go to the Bengals at No. 5. In recent days, however, a sense has emerged that the Bengals would take receiver Ja’Marr Chase.

Others have pegged Sewell at No. 7, for the Lions. Coincidentally, Sewell said during the attached interview that he used to play Madden with the Detroit Lions.

Sewell also addressed the possibility of landing with former Oregon teammate Justin Herbert and the Chargers. Sewell would like that, but he also made it clear he’s not interested in lingering on the board until No. 13.

Wherever he goes, it’s highly unlikely he won’t go in the top 10.