Taxi driver praised for offering passengers a menu of ride options to pick from

A taxi driver’s hilarious menu of ride options has been shared by a passenger – and people think it should become an industry standard.

Getting into a taxi is always a bit of a lottery as to whether you’ll talk the whole way, sit in silence, or simply be handed the aux cable to provide your own soundtrack.

But it appears one popular Lyft driver leaves nothing to chance and offers his passengers a list of 10 options of how they want things to go, covering everything from awkward silence to a therapy session.

The menu, attached to the back of his seat, reads: “Welcome to Cameron’s car! To ensure the best ride possible for you, I have prepared a menu of the various types of rides I offer. Just choose one (or don’t, that’s an option too) then sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.”

You can then choose from the following options:

  1. The awkward ride – You ignore this menu completely then we sit in silence for the remainder of the ride
  2. The funny ride – I tell you jokes or embarrassing stories from my life
  3. The silent ride
  4. The creepy ride – I don’t say anything but I keep staring at you in the rearview mirror
  5. The karaoke ride – We rock out to hits from the 80s, early 2000s or literally whatever you want
  6. The bubbles ride – We blow bubbles the whole time
  7. The small talk ride – We talk about how crazy the weather’s been lately and I ask if you caught the game last night
  8. The therapy ride – You vent to me about your problems and I listen
  9. The drunk ride – You throw up in my car
  10. The cliche ride – You ask me how long I’ve been driving for Lyft

A picture of the menu went viral on Reddit and racked up more than 2,000 comments, as people debated the best option to go for.

One argued: “Start with a bubble ride and then switch to a creepy ride. Maybe end it with a drunk ride. This is like ice cream scoops: it’s better when you mix flavours.”

A second wrote: “You don’t choose 9, 9 chooses you.”

A third asked: “Why isn’t this in every car? I want a bubble ride.”

And someone else added: “I want a karaoke ride. And the driver better f***ing sing along. The car is the funnest place to sing but no one will ever join me and then I feel silly.”