Tattooist sparks fury after banning customer who complained about toilet visits

Getting a tattoo is a big decision – they are for life after all.

So when you find a tattooist you love, it’s a massive deal.

But one customer was left unimpressed recently – and the tattoo artist has hit back by refusing to ink them again.

The customer wrote on Reddit that they complained about the cost after the tattooist visited the bathroom seven times during their appointment.

After learning they owed £193, they asked if the price could be reduced, but were firmly rebuffed.

On the ‘Am I an A***hole forum, they wrote: “My tattoo artist charges $125 (£89) an hour, my tattoo was done by the hour and in the end, I was there for a little over 2 hours, so in the end, before a tip, my tattoo was $270 (£193).

“I wouldn’t have had an issue with this, but my tattoo artist had gotten up 7 times to use the bathroom and was gone for at least 5 minutes each time and left her timer going.

“I asked if there was anyway I could get the time she was in the bathroom taken off and she made a face and then kindly said no. I didn’t argue so I just paid for my tattoo but left a lower tip than usual.

“She emailed me this morning and asked me not to book with her anymore because she said I disrespected her and her work, I’m upset because she does amazing work but I don’t feel that I was wrong.

“If she had gotten up once or twice I wouldn’t have cared.”

Many people agreed that the customer should have been offered a discount, with one writing: “You should reply and provide a review on Yelp and other sites that of your two hours for which you were fully charged, she spent nearly 40 minutes of it in the bathroom on 7 trips and did not stop the clock.

“That’s a definition of being unprofessional. If she was sick, she should have still discounted 30 minutes to make up for the time.

“There are many other tattoo artists – I suggest branching out for a new favourite.”

A second agreed, adding: “If she is using a timer to get an exact work time she should pause it when she has to go to the bathroom. I get if she was having a bad tummy day or something but it’s a bit unfair to charge you for that.”

Another offered a slightly different view, as they commented: “She wasn’t necessarily unprofessional by going to the bathroom 7 times, she could have been sick, pregnant, who knows.

“But she should have given OP a discount because 35 minutes of batroom breaks is a lot compared to the total time OP spent there. And after she declined and OP gave her a smaller tip she definitely shouldn’t have sent the email, and THAT’S where she certainly WAS unprofessional.”